Frequently (un)Asked Questions

Why a Teddy Bear?

Really, why not? 

But, I can give a better answer than that.  Several answers, really.

1) Teddy Bears are the most iconic of all childhood toys.  Most people have had a teddy bear in their life.  (Strangely enough, I don't recall ever having one.  I had, and still have, plush animals - but mine were mostly dogs.  I do have a Furball one, a dog named Toby, a Koala and a Tasmanian Devil - one a friend who vacationed in Oz bought me.) 

2) Teddy Bears were named after Theodore Roosevelt.  Poo Bah is a story of adventure, and Teddy R was one of the greatest adventurers in our history.  It's a natural fit.  (Not to suggest that Poo Bah is anything like President Roosevelt - he's far from it.) 

So, this isn't a kid's story?

No, not at all.  Young adults could read this and enjoy it, I think, but there's some material that's just not appropriate for kids.  I find the reaction that it would be a kids' book just because it's about a teddy bear a bit... shocking, really.  Maybe I'm just more of an outside-the-box thinker than most people, but that doesn't seem like an automatic assumption to me. 

Are you ever going to finish this damn thing?

I really want to.  I keep telling myself I'm going to.  And I keep finding reasons (not just excuses, but reasons) to distract me from it.  Drama at work, being worn out emotionally and mentally after a long day at work, girlfriend in the hospital for weeks after being sick for months. 

But the bottom line is... I need to get off my ass and get it done.  (Please, no Larry The Cable Guy imitations.  Thanks.) 

Will there be any questions you didn't make up here?

Actually, the first one I didn't make up.  Lurkerwithout can be blamed for that one.  And if you have one, I'd love to field it.  Drop me a line ( and if I like it, it'll be here (and I'll even credit you if'n you want.) 

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