Poo Bah is our main character; a member of the Guild of Imaginary Friends, we first meet this teddy bear as a solitary creature who is suddenly cast into an adventure.  And, as such adventures often do, this one leads into a greater one.

Fellow Adventurers

Corporal Joseph Anvil, US Army (ret), is a new friend to Poo Bah, but quickly becomes a close one.  This stogie-chewing hard-ass soldier joins Poo Bah on his first adventure. 

Walker is a member of the Guild of Journeymen, and meets Poo Bah and Corporal Anvil on their adventure.  He is charged with a dangerous task of transporting highly coveted materials to The Great City. 

Residents of the village

Anna is a quiet newcomer to the village and quickly captures Poo Bah's interest. 

Goose-Goose is a large goose that only Poo Bah seems to be able to communicate with, outside of other birds.  She is Poo Bah's oldest friend and isn't afraid to tell him how things are.  We all should have more friends like Goose-Goose.

Beings with not entirely kind intent

The Lord High Pumpkin is a powerful sorcerer and member of the High Council of Lords in The Great City.  He's up to no good, this one. 

The Wolfpack, led by Nero, is a very dangerous group of wolves who go around eating people.  Because that's what wolves do best.